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Thank you for stopping by WholeFamilyGift.com today. If you've landed on this page you either have questions about your order or you're looking for a way to get in touch with us.

Before you contact us, please go through our very detailed Frequently Asked Questions page (most questions are answered there).

If you've gone through the FAQ page already and still don't have an answer for your question please feel free to e-mail hello@wholefamilygift.com.

Order Support - Tracking Your Order
If you have placed an order with WholeFamilyGift.com, but it hasn't been delivered yet you can track your order here.

For any other concerns with your order please e-mail hello@wholefamilygift.com. Include any order details you can, and if possible, a copy of the e-mail that was sent to you from us when you ordered your item.

DMCA & Takedown Notices
At WholeFamilyGift.com we have a full team of people who review campaigns to make sure that if any sellers are using infringing content that the campaigns will be reviewed and then taken down. If you have concerns about any campaigns on our website please contact hello@wholefamilygift.com with the campaign URL and reason why you have issues with the content. We take this very seriously. For any infringements, trademark violations, or DMCA notices please send your letter to hello@wholefamilygift.com.

All Company Contact Information
By E-mail: hello@wholefamilygift.com

NOTE: since all of our transactions and business take place digitally, we do most all of our communication digitally. E-mail is the best way to reach us and the mail address should only be used to communicate documents or items that are not transferable by e-mail.

By Phone

424-501-6215 (Monday - Friday : We also can receive your voicemail message here)

Thanks again for stopping by WholeFamilyGift.com. If you need to contact us for anything please e-mail hello@wholefamilygift.com.

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